Team Leader

  • Jean-Marie Bonnin [IMT-Atlantique, Professor]

Team Assistant

  • Fabienne Cuyollaa [Inria, Team Assistant]

Permanent staff

  • Frederic Weis [University of Rennes I, IUT Saint-Malo, Associate Professor, HDR]
  • Paul Couderc [Inria, Researcher]
  • Yoann Maurel [University of Rennes I, Istic, Associate Professor]
  • Michele Dominici [University of Rennes I, Research chair]

PhD students

  • Alexandre Rio
  • Adrien Capaine

Former PhD Students

  • Arnab Sinha [Inria, 2010-2014]
  • Bastien Pietropaoli [Inria, 2010-2013]

Former members

  • Andrey Boytsov [Inria, Post-doctoral, 2013-2014]
  • Sylvain Roche [Inria, Enginner, 2008-2013]
  • Yann Glouche [Inria,Enginner, 2011-2013]
  • Jean-Fran├žois Verdonck [Inria, Enginner, 2010-2012]